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A new-found freedom in design

Finished developing your device? Then don't compromise on front panel design.

Thanks to the revolutionary printing process you can now enjoy freedom of design in all these areas:

Multi-colour printing of text, logos, images etc.

Intuitive design software available at no cost to you.

High quality!
Sturdy, long-lasting, with a professional finish.

Hardly any difference in price for the production of conventional panels.

Delivery from 3 working days

Available in 2 different materials (aluminum, plastic).

We can process many file formats.

Free: Panel designer for Panel-POOL® customers

In cooperation with Ing.-Büro FRIEDRICH!

Download here your free Paneldesigner-Software (for Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/WinVista/Win7):

TARGET 3001! V14 PANEL-POOL Edition (20 MB)

This software contains:

  • Internal cut-outs
  • Deep milling
  • Counter sunk drilling
  • Thread
  • Text engraving
  • Digital print

This software is fully licensed:

  • NO Demo version
  • Output for PANEL-POOL only

Technical data

Smallest drill diameter: 1 mm
Smallest rout size: 1 mm
Minimum height of engraving: 3 mm
Thread: M2,5 - M6

How it works, in detail.

01. Enter Panel dimensions
02. Select pre-defined characteristics from library
03. Define the scales, threads and drills
04. Integrate the graphics
05. Calculate the price and place the order
06. Receive your Front Panel