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Lead time

Lead times, discounts and fast-turnaround surcharges


Front Panel
working days basic price factor
8-12 17.600


Order quantity Discount
5-9 10%
10-19 20%
>20 30%

We offer flexible lead times for your order. Depending on how quickly you need your Front Panel, you can pay a fast-turnaround surcharge, calculated on the basic price.

Our Onlineshop will simply multiply the basic price of your Front Panels by the relevant fast-lead price factor.

Please be aware that our lead time indications refer to the time at which your parcel is handed over to the courier service.

We will be happy to quote you for other options on request.


Receipt of your order and files before 10:30am will be counted as first working day. Weekends and holidays are not considered as working days.

The last working day is the day when your order is despatched from our premises.